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Examples of Tai Ji Gong in synergizing with medicine, improve and enhance the healing process of illness.

1. Mr T P Lim Age: 42 (Self-employed) He suffered from high blood pressure, gout and difficulty in breathing. He was on medication for a few years and watched his diet carefully. In the morning, when he put his first step on the ground, the needle-pricking pain in the heel hurt him extremely and he had to be given injections.

After practising Qi Gong for about two months, his high blood pressure is controlled, and his gout and difficulty in breathing have totally vanished. He has also started to dispense with the use of injections. To date there has been no recurrence of these illnesses.

2. Mr Ong Heng Age: 50 He suffered a stroke in December, 2003, and became semi-paralysed. After joining Nam Wah Pai Qi Gong for about one to two months, his 12 Meridians and 8 extraordinary vessels were cleaned. He has completely recovered since then.

These examples go to show that Tai Ji Gong has the effect of enhancing the healing of illness. There are countless other examples, many of which are already well known, and not only testified via word of mouth but also tested and verified scientifically.