What gets you going? For so many of us, life gets us going — a life lived at its fullest. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we yearn to fill our days with enriching experiences. We want to be the person we have always envisioned ourselves to be. And for many proponents of martial arts — qigong in particular — the ancient practice presents the ideal platform to do just that.

Nam Wah Pai for health and fitness

Headed by GrandMaster Sim Poh Huat, Nam Wah Pai has been a household name in the scene, and has garnered an impressive number of followers of various standings. In fact, Nam Wah Pai will be holding a qigong health conference at their training centre in Geylang on Saturday and Sunday (Mar 14 and 15) at 2.30pm. From 10am to 2pm on Mar 15 (Sunday), attending physician Mr Mike Foo will lead several TCM physicians to give free orthopaedic treatment at the training centre.

Now retired, Mr Lam Ah Cheong, 71, used to ply his trade as a family grocery retailer in the early days. Since 2016, he had suffered from symptoms of stroke. He then saw advertisements of Nam Wah Pai by chance, which led him to sign up for the qigong health conference. This inspired him to begin practising qigong. As time passed, his stroke symptoms began to ease off. When he first joined, he started from adjusting the flow of energy. During practice sessions, he found himself to be more energetic and restored peace of mind. Mr Lam believes the initiative of taking care of oneself and doing sports is very important. He also stands by the importance of having strength of will. Today, Mr Lam practises from 5am to 7am daily.

New Zealand BranchAt 51 years young, Engineer Team Head Mr Nigel McDonald joined the Shaolin Kung Fu Team in New Zealand because of a friend. From there, he learned about tai chi and qigong. With more practice under his belt, he not only built a resistance to viral infections like the common cold, but he also came to expand his outlook and perspective. Mr McDonald clarifies that qigong does not guarantee immediate effects, but it will improve one’s health gradually.

Reproduced from TNP
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