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Nam Wah Pai [05571900K, Honor Grandmaster Sim Poh Huat], is a well established institute with a glorious history, unique traditions and origins and a future of even greater brilliance. Grandmaster Sim Poh Huat, the principal and also the president has been leading Nam Wah Pai, the school renowned for Tai Chi (Taiji), Qigong and Martial Arts all over the world.

~ NamWahPai Origins

From the Shaolin temples of the North of China to the South, and from those of the East to the West, GrandMaster Sim had been to them all, to learn, train and teach. From the mountains of Mount Wudang (Wu Tang Mountains) (Wudang Shan) in Hubei Province to Mount Ermei (Ermei Shan) to...~ NamWahPai Institute of Self Defence

Qingcheng Mountain (Qingcheng Shan) in Sichuan Province (to name just a few), the birthplaces of Internal martial arts (Nei Jia Quan) and Daoist (Taoist) philiosophy and mysticism, GrandMaster Sim has trained and perfected the martial arts of self defense, especially in the Internal Martial Arts (Nei Jia Gong or Nei Jia Quan).

~ History & Development of NamWahPai

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