As we get older, it is more important that we take care of our health. So if you find an exercise that you love and is healthy too, you should stock with it. Over the years, many people have discovered that practising qigong provides more energy and leads to better health.

Nam Wah Pai has many branches in China, namely Luoyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong, as well as Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand. There are at least 14 branches in New Zealand.

Mr Tang Jin Song, 52, the Shangdong Branch Chief Instructor for Nam Wah Pai, used to be a businessman and his parents practised qigong when he was younger.

He started practising after finding out about Nam Wah Pai from the newspapers, and now wants more people to know about qigong.

Mr Tang said that Grandmaster Sim is a good and experienced qigong teacher who is able to inspire his students and drive them to greater heights.

Mr Jarrod Haar, the New Zealand Chief Instructor for Nam Wah Pai, has practised qigong for the past 30 years. Practising qigong helps to clear his mind and results in better health.

As the ancient saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So once you start to practice qigong, you will also appreciate the miracle of qigong.

Demonstrations and talks

This weekend, at 2.30pm on Saturday and Sunday, see Mr Sim Poh Huat demonstrate the dantian breathing method at Nam Wah Pai’s premises at Geylang Lorong 29.

Grandmaster Sim will also be giving talks on the TCM principle of the 12-hour body clock.

Dantian breathing
In qigong, dantian breathing signifies having energy in the centre of the body. The centre is known as dantian, which can be thought of as a reservoir and place of inner strength.

Dantian is between the navel and the pubic bone and corresponds to the functions of digestion, elimination, and reproduction. Psychologically, it gives us stability and balance, and is also a source of physical energy, sexual vitality and inner power.

Free consultation
From 10am to 2pm on June 30, you can also head to Nam Wah Pai’s premises for free TCM consultation and treatment sessions led by Mr Fu Jia Dai and other TCM practitioners.