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NAM WAH PAI Leads The Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

For Those Who Are Weak In Health, You Are Welcome To Listen To A Talk To Rediscover Your Health

Set Your Vitality In Motion

What gets you going? For so many of us, life gets us going — a life lived at its fullest. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we yearn to fill our days with enriching experiences. We want to be the person we have always envisioned ourselves to be. And for many proponents of martial arts — qigong in particular — the ancient practice presents the ideal platform to do just that.

Lead a healthy life with Qigong

As we get older, it is more important that we take care of our health. So if you find an exercise that you love...

NAM WAH PAI 55th Anniversary 1964 – 2019: You Are Invited

Dear Friends, You are invited to the celebration dinner of Nam Wah Pai 55th Anniversary 1964 - 2019. Exciting martial art and cultural shows will be...

NAMWAHPAI Qigong for health, strength and vitality

Learn Qigong at NAMWAHPAI! If you are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, cancer or other chronic illnesses, come and check it out...

Course Program @NAMWAHPAI ::: Achieve Your MAX!

1. The Basic Course - Basic Course - Basic course (Standard 1 to 3) - Fixed Stance, Loose Exercise stance 2. Advanced Course - Instruction on Body Resilience (1...
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