Feats of TaijiQuan

Amazing Feats of Taiji Quan

SINGAPORE NOW: The Amazing Feats of TaiJiQuan!

TaijiQuan is not just soft or slow as it appears to be for the uninformed but its force can be fatal and deadly when applied to the predator! So bad people, beware!

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NamWahPai by PYM.com

After learning the basic course, one is able to attain a healthy body, through the strengthening of the body system. Those who intend to go for the advanced course need to undergo grading and obtain approval from Grandmaster. There is generally no fixed period of time for each grade in the more advanced course. It depends to a great extent on the achievement of results for that particular standard.

GrandMaster Sim Poh Huat, NamWahPai

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NamWahPai by PYM.com
NamWahPai by PYM.com
NamWahPai by PYM.com
NamWahPai by PYM.com

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