9, Lorong 29, 05-01/02, Geylang Singapore 388065. Phone: +65 9384 9955

Nam Wah Pai Demo & Seminar Workshop

You are welcome to visit Nam Wah Pai for the latest, most exciting seminar and demo of the Qigong, Taiji and other martial arts. Dates: 2017, July 29th and 30th, Saturday and Sunday Time: 14.30 – 1730 hours [2.30pm – 5.30pm] Admission is free of charge! Program will be on rain or shine. Venue: 9,…

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New Site Today

Summer Greetings! Today, we present a new glossy site. It is cool and fast loading, and its design is modern and trendy. So, a new life, a new beginning. NAMWAHPAI has grown and evolved over the years and there were a number of sites done. You can take a look at two of the archived…

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Induction Ceremony

Learning at the World NAM WAH PAI Institute is a privilege.

Members, including those shown here from New Zealand, pay their

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Harness the power of the universe through Taiji and Qigong, also known as Taijigong.

Taiji comes in many forms and one of them is Swordplay, a beautiful, graceful

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May the force be with you! ALWAYS!

No greater force then NAMWAHPAI! The Lord is with you… And always with you… Picture shows the demonstration of Taiji Repulsive Force… all at at distance by GrandMaster Sim. The Power, the Force & Its Prowess! Train at the NAM WAH PAI for the Ultimate Martial Arts of Self Defense.

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Hammering home the point…

Using a big monster hammer by another martial arts opponent, this slim but strong man is being hammered right in the tummy! The power of Qigong. Prowess from ultimate training at the NamWahPai. Do not try on an empty stomach

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