Beware! Of Imitation Nam Wah Pai Tai Chi (Taiji) Classes in Public Parks

Nam Wah Pai Principal Grandmaster Sim Poh Huat warns: “Don’t be duped”

Grandmaster Sim Poh Huat reveals that several persons are imitating and faking Nam Wai Pai’s reputable name to teach Tai Chi to groups in public parks. He warns the public not to be taken in by such instructors.

The authentic Nam Wah Pai classes are personally taught and supervised by Grandmaster Sim. In recent years, many of his students have introduced their friends to join after they realized that they learned nothing and benefited nought from those fake classes.NamWahPai by

Grandmaster Sim says, “Of those unauthorized persons using Nam Wai Pai’s name, some did study with the school but their achievement is different, and they have not reached the standard required to be a qualified instructor, and therefore their effectiveness is limited.”

Grandmaster Sim emphasizes that World Nam Wah Pai is highly ranked in Singapore Martial Arts circles as well as in the media. In the past 5 years, there has been a lot of imitation making use of Nam Wai Pai’s name in classes held outside the institute.

He estimates that there are many such imitation Tai Chi (Taiji) classes. They may be found in the Botanic Gardens, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, and other neighborhood parks. These classes are mostly taught by non-qualified part-time instructors who do not need to buy or rent training facilities and therefore can afford to charge cheap rates compared to authentic schools like World Nam Wah Pai.

The public is reminded that World Nam Wah Pai classes are conducted only at the association’s quarter in Geylang, with class sizes of about 20 each. Grandmaster Sim personally instructs all classes.

Note that improper coaching not only does you no good by wasting your time and money but also harm your body and may also cause you further injury.

World Nam Wah Pai is highly acclaimed in the local and international martial arts circles. It has been showered with many accolades both inside and outside the martial arts circles and won many awards. Besides winning numerous competitions, Grandmaster Sim, in 1991, was awarded by the Guinness Book of Records for leading a team of 26 instructors who had their mid-sections run over by a one-ton vehicle.

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