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Beijing, China

Nam Wah Pai opens its first branch in Beijing, China. It has branches all over the world, including the country of its origin or roots, China!

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Entrepreneur Award!

NAM WAH PAI is no stranger to accolades, awards and prizes! Here GrandMaster Sim is receiving the Entrepreneur Award!

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Guiness Book of Records

A 1000 kg truck ran over the bodies of 26 people, without the faintest, littlest hint of injury. This is the power of Qigong! The Power of NAM WAH PAI!

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Zheng Zhou, Luo Yang, China

Nam Wah Pai has come a long way, very long indeed, and a full circle too. It is now gaining great popularity in China. Picture shows GrandMaster Sim in the Zheng Zhou branch of Luo Yang, China.

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Wing Chun

Wing Chun Martial Arts Training at NAM WAH PAI. This is a very popular course at the institute. You know, Bruce Lee?

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New Zealand Power

The Power, the Force & Its Prowess. Train at the NAM WAH PAI for the Ultimate Art of Self Defense.

NAM WAH PAI has a large following all over the world,

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