The Origins & Meaning of NAMWAHPAI

NamWahPai by PYM.com
GrandMaster Sim Poh Huat leading a team of international martial arts exponents in a beautiful formation and stance.

Our Story

Nam Wah Pai Institute of Self Defence [05571900K] [Honor GrandMaster Sim Poh Huat], is a well established institute with a glorious history, unique traditions and origins and a future of even greater brilliance. GrandMaster Sim Poh Huat, also the principal and chief instructor, has been leading Nam Wah Pai Institute, the school renowned for Tai Chi (Taiji), Qigong (Chi Kong) and Martial Arts the world over. The techniques and knowledge taught in Nam Wah Pai are the result of the convergence of the essence of Shaolin, Taiji and other traditional Chinese martial arts, culminating in the formation of this independent and unique system of martial arts, thus the name Nam Wah Pai.

Over the years, GrandMaster Sim has traveled all over the world to teach, train and perform, and in particular throughout China to further perfect the arts of NamWahPai Self Defense, Wushu and Hard and Soft (Internal and External) Martial Arts, especially in the areas of Qigong and Taiji (Taichi) (including Taijigong or Taichi Kong). His accomplishments have become almost legendary since he started learning martial arts at a tender age as a young boy, and he is now a prominent figure througout the martial arts world, in both the internal and external martial arts. and especially in the arts of Qigong and Taiji which he now specializes. Through sheer grit, skill, techinique and tenacity and with years of constantly refining the arts with the various grandmasters of old and current, he moved from mountains to mountains, and conquered them all, so as to pass you the art and techniques that he has thus far acquired, developed and perfected. From the Shaolin temples of the North of China to the South, and from those of the East to the West, GrandMaster Sim had been to them all, to learn, train and teach. From the mountains of Mount Wudang (Wu Tang Mountains) (Wudang Shan) in Hubei Province to Mount Ermei (Ermei Shan) to Qingcheng Mountain (Qingcheng Shan) in Sichuan Province (to name just a few), the birthplaces of Internal martial arts (Nei Jia Quan) and Daoist (Taoist) philiosophy and mysticism, GrandMaster Sim has trained and perfected the martial arts of self defense, especially in the Internal Martial Arts (Nei Jia Gong or Nei Jia Quan).

The external form of martial arts in Nam Wah Pai is based on Shaolin Arts while the internal form of Yang style Tai Chi (Taiji) is from the great Tai Chi (Taiji) Master, Yang Lu Chan, creator of Yang style Tai Chi (Taiji).

Based on the ultimate art and knowledge transcended through thousand years of real lineage, the Nam Wah Pai Tai Ji Gong uses a set of simple, easily understood and practical principles coupled with the teaching in a systematic way, from basic to advanced levels, delivered through a graded or examination system.

The aim of the World Nam Wah Pai is to advance and promote the traditional Chinese martial art and knowledge in a scientific and systematic way to the new world.