Induction Ceremony

Learning at the World NAM WAH PAI Institute is a privilege.

Members, including those shown here from New Zealand, pay their

May the force be with you! ALWAYS!

No greater force then NAMWAHPAI! The Lord is with you… And always with you… Picture shows the demonstration

Amazing Feats of NAMWAHPAI

Video shows students of the National University of Singapore performing for an annual dinner and dance in 2015. 新加坡国立大学南华派全体武术表演

1. Wung Chun Xun Qiao 詠春拳寻桥

Multiple Attacks, Multiple Weapons!

This uncle is being attacked by two men using different weapons! One man is hammering him with a rod and another is piercing his throat with a spear! OMG! Multiple attacks! Multiple Weapons! And fortunately, for this elderly gentleman, he has Qigong (which he learnt from NAM WAH PAI of course), his secret weapon to